Bus Timetable for T2 Exams

Catch a bus to your Term 2 Exams from 17-29 August 2019 as extra services have been scheduled.


891 prepay

The easiest way to get to your exam is by bus.

During exam periods, Sydney Buses provide additional services. The 891 express buses between Central and UNSW stop near Randwick Racecourse on their way to UNSW to drop off students. Bus drivers are instructed that this is a compulsory stop. There are no changes to the route from campus back to Central Station.

Transport staff will be on duty at Eddy Ave Stand D on weekday mornings to help you out and answer your questions. The 2019 Term 2 exam period is from 17-29 August 2019. From 1 September buses will operate to the holiday timetable.

If you are going to exams at Royal Randwick Racecourse and/or the UNSW Kensington Campus during the exam period, you can find detailed information about bus services in the UNSW Term 2 Exam Buses Info Sheet.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Allow extra travel time
  • Visit transportnsw.info to plan their trip or for other transport information.
  • Visit LiveTraffic for up to date traffic information.
  • Be aware of Light Rail construction in the area - visit the Light Rail website.
  • Be aware that bus routes and timetables may vary due to Light Rail construction.

UNSW exams bus routes map

Bus Map Term 2 2019