Keeping unwanted vermin away from campus

Posted 17 June 2014

With the expansion of food outlets and retailers on the UNSW campus, Facilities Management has put in place a coordinated approach to manage food waste and unwanted vermin (including rats) on campus.

What’s involved?

  • Pest control: Our pest control contractor Ecolab is ramping up a campus-wide humane baiting program targeting known rat infestations during the semester break, when both student numbers and food waste volumes are lower.
  • Improved waste collection and disposal: Taking food waste away from campus, removing a popular food source for rats.
  • Retail food waste management: Providing education and signage for retailers, to help them manage their waste in the most effective and safe way. Enforcement is also part of the plan.

FM is monitoring the eradication program closely and will determine ongoing measures to deal with this issue.