University Terraces: modern student accommodation and retail facilities

The $58.9 million University Terraces student accommodation and retail project was designed to
meet the increasing demand for modern student accommodation and shopping facilities on UNSW’s Kensington campus. It also aspires to reinforce our core values of facilitating an outstanding student experience, enhancing campus life and encouraging student engagement. 

The student accommodation aspect of the project was completed in early 2013, with students moving into their new living quarters on 18 January. The retail aspect of the project is nearing completion, with the majority of new retailers opening recently; including IGA @ UNSW, Max Brenner, Coco Cubano, Yummba Vegetarian, Moochi Frozen Yoghurt and Stellini Pasta Bar. Guzman y Gomez, Mamak Village and ShareTea will be opening soon. An official opening will be planned for later this year.

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  • Provide high quality student accommodation as well as exciting retail services for the wider University campus
  • Provide 371 self catered units and a total of 399 beds in the upper levels of the development. Residents will have access to a variety of common areas for relaxation and study, including support facilities and outdoor open spaces.
Key design features
  • Generous colonnades and a spacious internal mall will improve pedestrian connection to the campus, retail and service outlets and create a vibrant entrance to the University.
Project contact

UNSW Senior Project Manager
Tim Piirto, email: